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The only place where you can buy the Natukodi (Country Chicken) online in Hyderabad! At Epicure Meats, we aim to present you with 100% fresh farm Country chicken that tastes like a food paradise. We have our own mark of taste and texture of the traditional Natukodi, Country Chicken eggs, Japanese Quail meat, and other raw meats. 

When it comes to the obvious doubt that everybody might have about the quality, we can assure you that we follow the traditional and artisanal slaughtering method to cut up the meat, clean it thoroughly with smoky turmeric, and pack it under hygienic conditions.

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Place your Natukodi Chicken order online and mention you specifications as well.

Wholesome and Natural Meat

Epicure Meats follow traditional slaughtering and processing techniques.

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Epicure Meats strive to serve you delicious and tasty county chicken which is raised naturally. We are your trustworthy partners when you want to eat the traditional Natukodi!

Epicure Meats makes sure to meet hygiene and food safety standards with its Natukodi, Country Chicken eggs, and other products.

If you are craving the tastiest Country Chicken for delicious curries, you have no choice but to choose Epicure Meats to buy fresh farm Natukodi of the highest quality.

Delivery charges for products from Epicure Meats vary from place to place where you want to get your order delivered.

Epicure Meats deliver your Natukodi order every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Pre-order your Chicken today to get it delivered to your doorstep directly.


Halal & Never Frozen

We serve Halal meat and it is never frozen

Flock to Fork

Country chickens right from the flock to your table

100% Organic

The country chicken are fed natural and vegetarian food

Smoked on Wooden Fire

Country chickens are smoked on wooden fire