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Natukodi Chicken Whole (Smoked) 1kg


Buy fresh whole Natukodi (country chicken) from all of Hyderabad here. Whole Chickens from Epicure Meats are gutted and cleaned; they are then uncut and well-prepared for cooking when they arrive at your doorstep. The juiciness of this local chicken with skin enhances its flavour.

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Hyderabad! Now, it is time for you to up your chicken game. Buy fresh and juicy whole Natukodi Now!

Smoked country chicken whole is a favourite among many. This product from Epicure meats will have you licking your fingers. The chicken is uncut, gutted in, and washed without leaving a trace of skin.

 Epicure meats sells 100% safe and fresh farm Country Chicken free from bacteria and other infection-causing germs. Also, it is safe from Coronavirus!

Nutrients present in Country Chicken from Epicure Meats are Proteins, Calcium, Iron, Vitamins A, and C. It has high levels of nutrients and low fat.

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