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60 Country Eggs and 1 Kg Smoked Chicken


This special combo consists of 1 Kg smoked chicken and 60 Pcs freshly laid country chicken eggs. A whole chicken is smoked and made crispy to suit your taste and quench your craving for a hearty meal.



Smoking ensures that the extra fats are removed in the process, which means it is high in protein content and low in fat. It is accompanied by classic country eggs laid naturally by healthy chickens. These eggs are perfect companions for any meal to enhance its taste. The more organic way of raising chickens results in a richer and sharp taste of the eggs.


Epicure Meats supports free-range farming, which means the Country Chicken eggs from here are super safe to consume, free of infection, and healthier than regular eggs.

Country eggs provide Choline, an essential nutrient for pregnant women, and they also contain over three times more vitamin D than the average egg.


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