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Japanese Quail (500gms)


There are a variety of delicious ways to enjoy Epicure Meats Japanese Quail – baked, roasted, grilled, or fried with bones. It is packed with micronutrients, and some people find it tastes better than other poultry options.

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Epicure Meats is not just a home of fresh Natukodi, but it is also a store where one can find the best Japanese Quail of all Hyderabad. This Japanese Quail is delicious and tender meat with a delicate flavour. It has always been a part of Indian cuisine. It is even referenced in ancient holy texts for its magnificent taste. Order today to experience that luxury in food.

Yes, one could say that a Quail tastes mostly like Natukodi but only with a strong flavour. Since the diet of quail is not controlled before it is used as meat, a Japanese quail tastes like gamey chicken.

Japanese Quail meat is much more nutritious than chicken meat, containing four times more vitamin C than Chicken and ranking significantly higher in minerals and amino acids content.


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