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Natukodi Chicken Medium Cut – Skin(Smoked) 1kg

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Also, this type of cut consists of meat slices with skin on them. This causes the dish to have a gamey aroma and a texture that tastes great when paired with spices.

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Did you know that smoking is the traditional way to prepare Natu Kodi? The Smoky Country Chicken is smoked to enhance its taste secrets. The specialty of this cut is the fact that it comes from 100% country-bred chickens. This healthier way of breeding makes it more delicious because of its slightly tougher texture. 

  1. The healthiest option from Country Chicken is the fresh chicken breast, which has slightly less cholesterol than the dark meat (legs and wings). Natukodi, in general, is a heart-healthy food.

Free-range chicken offers health benefits and safety advantages over regular chicken. Compared to conventional chicken, free-range chicken has lower fat, more protein, iron, and zinc content.

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Weight 1 kg

9 reviews for Natukodi Chicken Medium Cut – Skin(Smoked) 1kg

  1. Samyukta (verified owner)

    The chicken was pretty good, the only problem was the delivery! There was no estimate time written either on the website or the invoice mail sent. I had no clue when the chicken was going to be delivered. And WHEN the chicken was delivered next day morning, he just kept the chicken outside my door and left. No call, no message nothing. It would’ve been better is the delivery person called outside the house or while keeping it outside to ensure safe delivery. Make sure that such incident doesn’t happen again.

  2. Praveen K (verified owner)

  3. Hrudya Palanki (verified owner)

    Good quality tender chicken

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    They delivered a mix of products, the majority of farm chicken, not original Natukodi Chicken. It tastes the same as Farm Chicken. not happy, not value of money.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fresh and Tasty

  6. Dr. Mohammed Abdul Khuddus (verified owner)

    Chicken is very fresh,tender but very small bony particles all over the curry. It’s due to inefficient cutting of butcher. Hence, an experienced Chicken cutting master may be appointed.

  7. Dr. Mohammed Abdul Khuddus (verified owner)

    I have placed an order for medium-sized cut, but you have supplied small cut, which is not correct and proper.

  8. Naga Phanindra Chilukuri (verified owner)

  9. Dr Venkatesh Tamlurkar (verified owner)

    Cutting was not good and professional. Lots of tiny bone pieces when cooked.

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