3 Healthier Alternatives to Fried Chicken

Healthier Alternatives to Fried Chicken

What is Fried Chicken?

A fried food category containing chicken cuts or pieces is known as fried chicken. Despite deriving from South American cuisine, it is famous worldwide. 

Chicken breast cutlets, chicken wings, chicken drumsticks or thighs can be used to make fried chicken. 

Before frying in deep oil, the chicken gets breaded in a seasoned batter. It can exist in various flavours, from mild to spicy, based on spices used to season the batter. Its outer part is crispy, whereas its inside part is juicy. 

People can consider fried chicken as an appetiser, main course or snack with various choices of side dishes. They eat it with wrench fries, mashed potatoes, coleslaw or as a filling for burgers. 

Nowadays, people can find the fried chicken in any restaurant or make it at home from the available ingredients. 

Mentioned below are the Alternatives to Fried Chicken:

1. Grilled Chicken/Baked Chicken:

  • One of the best alternatives to fried chicken is to either grill or bake. You’ll have the same chicken flavour and texture in the grilled or fried chicken. While cooking, the skin of the chicken will be intact, and you’ll be able to experience a crispy crust and juicy meat. 
  • While grilling or baking chicken, you need not bread it in flour or batter. You have to marinate the chicken with the mixture of spices of your choice before cooking it so that you won’t end up with bland meat. 

2. Baked or Fried Vegan Chicken:

  • Baked or fried vegan chicken is another healthy alternative to fried chicken. 
  • People use soy to make vegan chicken and flavour it with several spices. 
  • The vegan chicken looks like chicken cutlets or nuggets but tastes like soy. For a fried chicken dish, you can use the chicken flavouring, bake or grill chicken as a substitute for it. 
  • Fried or baked vegan chicken is a healthier option when compared to fried real chicken. 
  • It is advantageous to your health as well as the environment.
  • However, people allergic to soya cannot have soy-based vegan chicken. 

3. Air Fried Chicken Thighs:

  • Air-fried chicken thighs are the best alternatives to fried chicken. 
  • Its taste is crispy and juicy.
  • It is easily prepared in about half an hour.
  • Chicken thighs are juicier when compared to chicken breasts and are delicious. 

Mentioned below are the reasons for eating fried chicken:

1. It contains protein which helps strengthen your body’s muscles. In addition, it contains essential amino acids. Eating chicken gives you amino acids that the body can’t synthesise. 

2. Chicken is an easily digestible food item. It is the best diet for people suffering from Cron’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome. 

3. Chicken is considered the healthiest food. It contains less fat and cholesterol when compared to other meats. Hence, people eating chicken have less chance of suffering from heart disease or high blood cholesterol. 

4. Chicken contains dietary protein that provides strength to the bones. 

5. Lean chicken meat contains highly useful protein to the body and helps in speedy recovery from an injury. 

6. Chicken contains tryptophan, an amino acid that increases your brain’s serotonin levels. 


1. Is fried chicken a good source of protein?

  • Fried chicken contains protein necessary for healthy bones, muscles and skin.

2. Is fried chicken good for energy?

  • Fried chicken contains niacin which is an essential nutrient that helps to convert food into energy and also helps in the production of new blood cells. 

3. Can we eat fried chicken every day?

  • We cannot eat fried chicken every day because studies have shown that people who eat fried chicken every day are at a higher risk of suffering from heart issues when compared to those who don’t. 

4. Is fried chicken good for diabetes?

  • No, fried chicken is not suitable for diabetes as it contains more carbs and fat.

5. Can you eat too much-fried chicken?

  • If you eat fried chicken in more quantities, you’ll suffer from hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, and other chronic diseases such as stroke and heart attack.  


People eating chicken can increase muscle strength and reduce the risk of heart disease. Patients struck with Cron’s disease can eat chicken, an excellent diet. 

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