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Why Should You Choose Fresh Farm Eggs Over Store-Bought Eggs?

farm fresh egg vs store brought eggs

Do you know the difference between fresh farm eggs and store-bought eggs? Well, don’t worry. Everyone who knows the difference around you has known it recently because of the health and fitness awareness programs going around. Now, it’s your turn to know why you should choose fresh farm or country eggs over store-bought eggs, and we at Epicure Meats are ready to spill some facts.

People should never compromise on nutrient intake for the sake of their health, especially when it is related to the food they eat. Needless to say, they have to be careful while choosing eggs as they are basically bombs filled with essential nutrients like proteins and nutrients.

Reasons Why One Should Opt For Fresh Farm Eggs

Flavour Differences

Fresh farm eggs or country eggs are not really different from the store-bought ones in terms of taste. One can hardly say they are different in taste, but the texture is quite noticeably distinct. For a good example, take Epicure Meats country chicken eggs. They have yolks that are thicker in texture than the store ones.   

Eggs are Good For Health

When you search “country eggs near me”, there is no doubt that you are looking for good ones for the sake of your health. Yes, it is proven that fresh farm ones have less cholesterol, more vitamin A, E and D, and omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for having a fit body.

Shelf Life 

Now it is not a big wonder that you would go for fresh farm eggs when it comes to the matter of shelf life. Well, isn’t it obvious? It is because you wouldn’t know how old are the eggs from the store. 

Food Safety

One can’t say how safe is the food one consumes to the body on a daily basis. But, it is important to know that country eggs that come from chickens raised in a free-range environment like the ones from Epicure Meats are safe and healthy for your body. 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking eggs are all similar. You should be aware of the dangers of Salmonella, which comes from infected birds which are caged together (most cases from store-bought eggs).

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