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An Introduction to Epicure Meats: The Wholesome Natukodi Store

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With nutritionists and food enthusiasts encouraging people to eat local foods, many are interested in the local traditional dishes. But, when it comes to Natu Kodi, you would rarely need any push to eat it. The quality and the taste of the country chicken speak for themselves. Now, how would you like it if there is a meat store called Epicure Meats from where you can order Natu Kodi anytime?

Why Epicure Meats?

Epicure Meats is different from your average chicken store. This is the place where you can get your hands on fresh country chicken, which is born and bred naturally. Here, the artisanal slaughtering method is followed to cut up the meat, which retains its quality. 

After cutting the meat, it is cleaned thoroughly and marinated in turmeric to add to its flavour. The gamey texture and the thick skin should tell you how savoury the meal will turn out.   

Reasons Why You Would Choose Epicure Meats

All Natural:

Epicure Meats is your ultimate choice if you are a non-veg enthusiast, as there is nothing quite like the taste of country chicken from here. One can get the meat from chickens that are fed healthy with vegetarian fodder and grown in free-range conditions.  

Never Frozen:

The quality of the meat from this store is guaranteed to give you full satisfaction. The halal meat served here is of the top-notch standard is never once frozen. So, you can rest assured about the texture and taste of the Natukodi delivered to you.

100% Hygienic:

Everything related to food, whether it is cooking, eating, or even dishing it out for serving, revolves around the doubt of hygiene. But at Epicure Meats, one doesn’t need to worry about that as every process from slaughtering to packaging is 100% hygienic.  

Timely Deliveries:

You don’t need to go and get your favourite Natukodi; it comes to you. The delivery service of this store will have your order brought to you on time to your doorstep. All you have to do is order it a day before you need it on the official website.

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